Once An Original, Always An Original 

AS NOW. AS ALWAYS. Our icons remain true to our craft, our heritage, and our inspirations. Their distinctive silhouettes set them apart. So too do details and construction techniques that combine craftmanship and innovative in equal measure.

Dessert Boot

Every iteration honours the design DNA of Nathan Clarks revolutionary first pair. From traditional, sustainable stitch down construction method that guarantees a robust finish, to the shock absorbing, water - repellent soles that offer all-day comfort. Pieced together using premium suede from family - run, English tannery Charles F. Stead, our Desert Boots mould to your feet - ensuring every pair is truly unique


It was way back in the swinging 60s when Lance Clark debuted a future Originals classic: the Wallabee. The Wallabee is far greater than just the sum of its parts. In fact, more than fifty years on from its conception, it's nothing short of legendary - an emblem of style tribes from every corner of the globe.

Desert Trek

The definitive Clarks Originals silhouette with cultural cachet like no other, the Desert boots made their debut in 1949. It was in the early 90s though, that they really came into their own. With minimalist branding and that distinct natural crepe sole, the Desert Boots offered a lowkey, heritage-rich alternative to the era's flashy sneaker culture. An icon was born.